That isn’t a typo in the title.

While the photo is of a meandering stream, I am writing today about meandering dreams. Sometimes we dream about starting our own business only to have life pull us in a different direction, like the stream in the photo as it flows through the valley. I’ve always loved meandering streams, how they seem to be in no particular hurry. However, it can be frustrating to feel the dream business inside us, over and over again, only to realize that years have slipped by and we are still doubling back, still waiting.

For Christmas, my husband Tom gave me a book by one of my favorite authors, Jan Karon. She is a best-selling author and introduced the world to the town of Mitford, full of wonderful characters and centered on the life of Father Tim Cavanaugh. In her latest book “Bathed in Prayer,” she shares that at the age of 10 she was given a kind of epiphany that she would be an author, but she was 48 when she “got the green light.” When I read that, I chuckled in recognition. I knew from the time I was in high school that my dream work was graphic design. Tom knew he would be an artist since he first drew Hopalong Cassidy in grade school. But like Ms. Karon, the dreaming, that knowing in our hearts, preceded the launching by many years. Tom and I talked about starting a business more than 20 years ago, sitting around a campfire at Jackson Creek on a warm summer night. By that time I had my A.A.S. degree in graphic design and he completed 4 or 5 paintings each year, but starting a business? That truly was a dream and we set it aside for later.

Thankfully, meandering doesn’t mean failure. It’s just the way life works and successes can be enjoyed at each turn. It’s just that our hearts keep remembering the dream. It simply won’t let go.

For us, later came a little over three years ago when we launched Double Vision Art & Design, LLC. All of the meandering we did over the years has made us appreciate what we are doing now. If you have had a business dream for a long time, take heart! The next bend in your meandering dream can be the one you’ve been waiting for and at last, the time is right!

Next up: Do I have What it Takes?