As I started to write about the Chicken and the Egg, I realized I’d used the wrong metaphor and missed a step. The Chicken and the Egg is about not knowing which came first. When you start a business, what comes first is known. At least it is if you’ve written your business plan!

Are we there yet? I remember asking this question hundreds of times on road trips as a little girl. And I’ve come pretty close to that count asking myself, is my business “there yet?” After writing a business plan, I’ve found my answers in it.

No, I’m not there yet. But I am getting closer. My business is self-funded so I did not need to apply for a business loan, grant or look for investors. I am home-based so I did not need to look for a store front or office. These two questions about money and location take every new business to a fork in the road. Your business plan should tell how far you can go without these in place.

If you are a home-based business, does that mean you are “there”? Not necessarily. Checking back in with your business plan, do you have a dedicated space within your home? Do you have the computer and other equipment you’ll need? The supplies, if applicable? Do you have a phone dedicated for business use? Have you set up a business bank account so you can keep business expenses separate from personal expenses? How does your family feel about your business? Are they on board with respecting your time “at work” even though it is from home?

Eventually, we arrive at the point we are officially open for business. Yipee! Then we enter the launch phase.

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