I started networking for the sole purpose of connecting to clients who need my services.

I truly hoped this would be my “easy” button, that embracing networking is all I needed to do to grow my business. While networking hasn’t been an “easy” button that completely supplies all my new clients, it has provided the all important first link: referrals. I’ll write more about referrals in future posts.

This week is about the two sides of networking and the one above is the obvious one. Is this the side of networking that appealed to you, too?

The other side of networking is the side that connects us to business professionals to hire, to provide expertise that we don’t have. Rather than making money for our business, it is about spending our money. Make no mistake: the professionals we hire to support our business will be among the most important decisions we will make as business owners!

On the one hand—it was a relief to know that I didn’t have to figure everything out on my own! In the same way I want to be hired for my expertise, I can hire business professionals with an expertise that I don’t have.

On the other hand—hiring other professionals meant money flowing out, not in. At least initially.

To date I’ve hired these professionals: Donna Evans for her Phenix Growth Partners Mastermind program; Rebecca Lee of RL Content Creations to write copy; Katy Tartikoff for photography; Christopher Peck for public speaking coaching; Jason Tollen for hypnotherapy; Hollie Clere for social media coaching and Katie Collins for sales coaching. [Each name links to their website. Check out their services! You will be glad that you did.] Each of these professionals provided expertise that I needed and each has contributed to the growth of my business.

I know this list will grow. Whenever I network now, I focus on both sides of networking: who needs my services and who I need to hire to grow my business.

How about you? Do you have business professionals you’ve hired that you’d like to share?

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