This is an important moment in an entrepreneur’s journey! You’ve embraced the dream, determined you do want to be a business owner, written a business plan and executed it, and found your way to networking groups. Congratulations!

Now it is all about how you present your business so that people hire you. Believe it or not, there is ONE correct approach: Professionally. Exactly what that will look like is a highly individual decision. But presenting your new business professionally is a must.

Perhaps you can relate to some of what follows. I have had people hand me their business card and explain that everything on it, with the exception of the cell phone number, is incorrect. I’ve met very compelling people with a great story about their business, but when I visited their website to learn more, it was nothing like them. What they had talked about so passionately was completely missing. I’ve had people hand me a business card that looked nothing like their website. This was also confusing. Which business was the real one? All of these examples show how easy it is to start out on the wrong foot.

Which brings me to shoes. The style of the shoe you choose isn’t as important as fit. Present your business professionally, in a way that fits you. In a way that you are comfortable with. If you do, you will connect to your ideal clients! They will recognize you when they meet you in person, online or by referral.

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