With Just 15-30 Seconds to Grab the Attention of Your Website Visitors—A or B?

Have Fun with Fonts

It can be tempting to rely on photos to provide all the visual pop on our websites. Type as a design element can be an after thought. After all, once people are on our sites, they read everything, right? It’s our words that draw them in. Actually, no, they don’t read everything. In reality, visitors spend just seconds—only 15 to 30—before they decide to stay or go.

Website A used a number of common formats for type: bold, italic, and bullets, as well as a touch of color in the navigation menu, a photo and a map. A while back, this was typical, this basic separation of content. However, there is quite a bit for the visitor to read to gain an understanding of the benefits this business offers. How much time do you spend reading content on the websites you visit?

Website B is the updated website for the same business, reflecting the changes made when the business became my client. The updated website uses typography to direct the visitor’s attention, allowing them to experience the benefits of the business by quickly scanning the headlines and subheads. Bold text within a paragraph pulls attention to key phrases, further clarifying the purpose of the business. In addition, the typography integrates with the imagery to convey a sense of calm, a key benefit this business provides to its clients. The photo blocks invite further exploration, while the tag line with its unique font and color highlight another way to use typography. If you visit the Sedona, Arizona area, connect with Laura and experience first-hand the gentle, embracing energy of CranioSacral Therapy! A link to her website appears below.

Visit your own website. What do you see? Does it pass the 15 second test? For “font-tastic” inspiration, check out https://www.typewolf.com/google-fonts for a comprehensive review of the top options available to enhance your website. Enjoy the exploration!

Laura’s website link: http://returntobeing.com/