Using Website Color Palettes to Convey Your Business Brand

Black and White, or Bright and Vibrant Color?

How can we utilize web design color trends to convey our business brand to prospects who visit our websites? Since we see in color, it’s no surprise that we often rely on color to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. However, do you think of black and white as color? If you don’t, you are not alone. It is either/or. Something is either color or it is black and white, and that is often thought to be the absence of color. Yet, when we think of the beautiful black and white photographs of Ansel Adams (, would anyone suggest they would have been better if they had been taken in color? I know I wouldn’t! This demonstrates that we can experience a strong brand that is expressed in black and white.

The wonderful freedom you have with your business website is that you can choose the color palette that works best to convey your brand: black and white, color, or even incorporate both.

Each of these approaches has its unique benefits. Bright and vibrant colors are energizing. Black and white web graphics tend to be calming. However, if you add a pop of color to a black and white web graphic, it automatically draws attention. This can be a very effective way to enhance a call-to-action. Another thing to think about it how well bright and vibrant colors pair with another web design trend­—geometric and organic shapes. The important thing to remember is to let your unique business brand dictate the best approach to color for your business. Today’s web design trends incorporate both approaches.

Click here to see an example of a black and white graphic with a pop of color. Scroll down the page to see an example of bright and vibrant color. The following two links are provided so you can explore two websites that delve into these web design trends related to color as well as others. Enjoy!