Effective Website Design for Small Businesses. For small businesses without store fronts, our websites become our “location,” the place people go to meet us in person. Just like a brick and mortar building, visitors can come in, browse and leave without ever saying a word. How many times have you done that in your life? Walked in, looked around and left? What is it about some businesses that make you want to search out a person to say hello to? Or ask a question instead of leaving quietly and quickly? Did it hinge on finding something that interested you?

If we want our ideal clients to stay on our websites, they have to be designed with them in mind! Poor location is a top reason that businesses fail—even businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar location! A well designed website essential.

Components of a Well Designed Website

Would you be surprised to learn that it isn’t the number of pages a website has that determines its effectiveness? Or that having all the latest technological bells and whistles doesn’t guarantee it will resonate with your clients? A website is effective when your ideal client immediately recognizes they are in the right place, that you understand their problem, and that you can solve it for them.

According to Donna Evans, owner of Phenix Growth Partners, an effective website must include:

  • Overview that covers the following areas: #1) a welcome to your website; #2) the problem you will solve for them; #3) the comfort you provide through your experience solving their problem; #4) how to fix this problem; and, #5) the benefits and results they can expect to achieve from you
  • About You
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Details

For businesses just starting out, this information can be shared in a single page! As your business grows, your website will grow with you. The point isn’t about the number of words on your website, it’s about the value of those words to your ideal client.

Evaluate your website. How does it address the areas above?

I offer complimentary 30-minute Zoom website reviews. We will go through your website together and I will give you actionable recommendations for improvement. Submit a consultation request to request your review. Your site hasn’t launch yet? No problem. Contact me. I’d love to meet you, hear the story of your business, and offer ideas to get your online location off to a great start.

Connect with Donna to learn more about the Phenix Success Program, her entrepreneurial coaching program: https://www.phenixgrowthpartners.com/home/