The Dog Days of Summer-Stretching into New Ways to Market Your Businesses

The hot and sultry “dog days” of summer have arrived. My dog, Holly, has the right idea. Stretch out in the sun! Bask in the light. When it gets too hot, retreat to a shady spot to cool off. I find a parallel to my small business in her actions. Do you?

In my business, I stretch myself out in search of the hottest new ideas for promotion and growth.

After a while, though, I need to retreat to a quiet spot to evaluate them. I’ve learned that: #1) not every new idea that comes down the pike is right for my business, and #2) even if the idea is great, the timing also has to be right. I can’t do everything at once! This means the quiet time to process and evaluate ideas is one of the most important things I do. I didn’t start my business to exhaust myself running after every idea, yet finding that my business has gained nothing for my efforts. Instead, stretching then evaluating to find the best opportunities is how I move my business forward!

Digital Doughnut has a number of marketing ideas for small businesses. I’ve included a link below so you can explore. Are you taking advantage of these types of marketing options? Connect with me to explore and evaluate the best options for your business! Click here to preview ideas for how to strategically build your business brand.