In order to present your business professionally to your ideal clients, you have to know them well. Without knowledge of their pain points, your marketing and promotional efforts will miss the mark.

  • How well do you know your ideal clients?
  • Can you state their pain points?
  • Can you reassure them that your unique product or service, combined with your background and experience, can solve them?

If you answered no (or you’re not sure) it is time for you to embrace research.

Research is not difficult to do but it may push you outside your comfort zone. Follow the simple process outlined below, starting with people you know. This will help you push through your reluctance to Reap the Rewards of Research.

  1. Start with people you know.
  2. Send an email requesting an interview.
  3. Call them at the appointed time and put on your listening ears.
  4. Create and use an on-line survey
  5. Enhancements

Once you’ve compiled the results of your research, you will use them to refine your mission and messaging and guide your business strategy. Click here to download the details for how to use this easy process and Reap the Reward of Research/How to use a simple & short survey to refine the mission and messaging of your business.