Welcome to 2020! Now that the new year has officially started, it’s time to execute the plans you’ve made to promote your business. Networking is key for new businesses. I’ve written other blogs on networking (links are below) and as I’ve learned more, I’ve found 3 top tips that have worked for me.

#1: Focus on Building Relationships

Some people love networking, some people would prefer to have a root canal. For these people, networking is much easier and more enjoyable when you focus on building relationships. Why? Because it takes the pressure off. You can approach anyone with a smile. You can rely on an ice breaker statement because you are focusing on the person, not on honing in on a potential client. (A link that lists some of my favorite ice breakers is shared below.) You can delight in the reality that even if the person you enjoy talking to at the event isn’t your ideal client, they will know someone who is. Relationships lead to referrals and time spent building relationships through networking is time well spent.


#2: Be Clear on Your Niche (also known as your Ideal Client)

Even though the focus is on building relationships, you will be asked about your business. Remember, you are not ready to network until you are able to describe your ideal client and the problem(s) you solve for them! Think of it this way—without the ability to describe your ideal client, it’s like asking for directions to a destination that you can’t name. Make it easy for fellow networkers to realize they are your ideal client! And if they aren’t, the people in their circle who are.

If you haven’t gone through the process to define your niche, visit the Resources page and scroll down to Donna Evans. This is her specialty.

#3: Bring Business Cards

On the one hand, this tip doesn’t need much explanation. On the other hand, it does. Handing out lots of cheap, generic business cards is not the same as handing someone a business card that reflects well your unique business brand. Your business card needs to be as eloquent as the words you use to describe your business when you talk about it! I will talk more about that in my next blog post. In the meantime, check out examples of branded business cards here: https://doublevisionart-design.com/portfolio/