You’re at a networking event and you’ve been asked about your business. You share what you do and who you do it for. Your words are impressive! You’ve created intrigue and a desire to know more, so you are asked for your business card. When you hand it to them, one of three things will happen.

#1: It matches the eloquence of what you just said about your business. The feeling of connection grows and they move farther down the road to either becoming a client or a referral partner. This is the good beginning you are after.

#2: The business card you hand them provides the necessary contact information, but it could belong to anyone and any business. It’s functional, but nothing more. It doesn’t do anything to move things forward.

#3: The business card you hand them erodes the feeling of connection to you and your business. They heard you express an intriguing idea and clearly focused ideal client, but they see an amateurish presentation that doesn’t reflect the vision and passion of your words. They may wonder which presentation is accurate? The verbal? The visual?

We are all in business to be hired or to sell our products. The reality is that once we’ve moved beyond the circle of family and friends—the people who know us and will hire us based solely on our relationship—presentation matters. If we want to be hired as a professional, we need to look like a professional. Business cards are at the top of the list when it comes to cost effective ways to promote our businesses.

“When I receive a business card, I create an opinion about the company as soon as the card touches my hand. Is it thin and flimsy? Is it thick cardstock? Was it printed? Was it embossed? Is it a traditional business card size? To me, having a quality business card equates to having a successful business.”  

– Chris Ake, Grand Apps

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