Are client testimonials music to your ears? Your clients telling others what working with you is like? Celebrating your happy clients by letting them blow your horn is good business strategy.

But did you know that testimonials have a second use, that is, to mine them? Even if you have a page devoted to testimonials (or reviews) on your website, have you strategically placed them throughout, pairing them with your offerings?


How often in the busyness of being an entrepreneur do you ask for a testimonial, give it a quick read, post it and move on? Over time your testimonials accumulate but they are not top of mind. After all, it was gratifying to read it and know you have a happy client, but now months have gone by and new projects and clients are the priority.

Take a pause and read them again. Carefully. Are the same things being mentioned over and over again?

Question: Are the things clients talk about most highlighted directly in your offerings? Or do you do what so many of us do, myself included? Do you take something clients’ rave about and diminish it because it comes naturally to you? Does it seem too obvious to be really special?

Take their words to heart. They know what they are talking about! These “unique to you” attributes form the basis of your brand promise, the one that is unique to you that no other business in your niche can duplicate. And now for the really, really important question: what changes do you need to make to your website to pair your client testimonials to your offerings and brand promises? You may even need to rethink your offerings and page layout!

Join me for a complimentary 30-minute testimonial review. We’ll review the “notes” your clients use to celebrate working with you, then map a strategy to make the most effective use of them on your website. Click here to schedule your review today!

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