Building a Brand for Your Business

A professional business brand is more than just your logo.

It includes a consistent visual presentation of your business in all these areas:
  1. Logo
  2. Business Card
  3. Website
  4. Print Marketing (brochures, postcards, fliers, etc.)
  5. Event Package (signage, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, etc.)
  6. Advertising (in print and online)

Essentials  1, 2 and 3 launch your business. This is the time to see how your ideal clients receive your product or service and respond to your messaging. Feedback received during this phase is used to fine tune your presentation and messaging (if needed) 6-12 months after launch.

As your business grows,  Step-It-Up by adding 4, print marketing, to the mix. At this stage you know the presentation and messaging that attract and engage ideal clients. The investment in print marketing adds to your credibility and is a bridge to the Accelerate stage.

When you are ready to scale your business, Accelerate growth by adding 5 and 6—events, speaking engagements and mass marketing through advertising.

I developed my Signature Process while working for national companies including United Artists Theatre Circuit and Red Robin International. I watched and learned as they rolled out new products or services via marketing campaigns. I saw the effectiveness of engaging the target audience in multiple ways—online and in print—in enticing them to try something new.

You have a new business! Put my Signature Process to work for you.

Separate yourself from the competition.


The foundation of your business brand.

Unique, Revealing, Memorable

Return to Being Logo
Business Card


Your first marketing piece.

Professional, Distinctive, Informative


Tell your whole story.

Engaging, User-friendly, Comprehensive


Set the stage for growth.

Credible, Established,


Reach a larger audience.

Authority, Connection, Opportunity


Reach a mass audience.

Saturation, Access, Impression 

Use my Signature Process to present your business professionally today!

Campaign Options


101 for startups.
 A campaign designed to give your new business a visual identity and searchable on-line presence. Think logo, business card and website. In addition, this option includes an automatic review and update (if needed) 6-12 months after launch to make adjustments to your presentation and messaging. Do you intend to update your new WordPress® website on your own? This bundle includes training.

Your business is new, you are learning as you go and you are probably on a limited budget. This flexible bundle takes this into account. For details about how this will work for your new business, schedule your complimentary Build Your Brand Session by clicking here.

Step It Up

No longer in startup mode, it’s time to focus your attention on marketing efforts designed to connect you to more clients and grow your business. A more comprehensive website and the addition of print marketing to the mix ensures your business has multiple ways to connect to clients and prospects.


To growth, and beyond.
 Speaking engagements, events, trade show participation and advertising bring a new level of success. Your marketing mix now includes signage, hand-outs, brochures, newsletters or ads—for in-person presentations and online delivery.

Just for you–Custom Campaigns

If your business calls for a more individualized approach, I’m happy to create a Custom option to fit your specific requirements. Choose the pieces that suit your needs and I’ll make it happen. Click here to view and download the complete list of custom options.

A Word to Nonprofits

Well-crafted, targeted marketing pieces help your organization build awareness in the community and generate support from new and existing funders. I’d love the opportunity to create a marketing campaign that meets your needs and addresses the issues of importance to your organization. Interested? Let’s talk.

Click here to schedule your complimentary “Build Your Brand” session.