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New Business Resources

This page provides resources for New Business Owners to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Check regularly! Content will be updated often. Scroll down for resources that can be downloaded, links to newsletters and online resources, and links to business professionals with services that support new business growth:

  • Downloads: Instructional and topical PDFs full of information to support you during the start-up phase of your business
  • Links: to newsletters and online resources geared to new businesses
  • Links: to business professionals offering services that will make a positive impact on your success and move you from start-up to growth


The Truth About Trades

The Truth about Trades

Trading services can sound like a good idea to a new business owner on a tight budget. This download offer tips to make sure it is the right decision for your business.

Download Truth About Trades

How “DIY” Can Hurt Your New Business

How DIY Can Hurt Your New Business

Do-It-Yourself can seem like the only option to a new business owner waiting for cash flow to stabilize. This download shares a side-by-side VALUE comparison between DIY and hiring a design professional. Download now to check your assumptions.

Download Downside of DIY

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

If you’ve never worked with a graphic design professional before, this download will tell you what to expect, industry terminology and what it means, and what to ask for to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Download Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Build Your Brand Style Guide

Build Your Brand Style Guide

If you’ve worked with a design professional to design a logo and create a brand for your business, you should have been given a style guide. If you didn’t receive one, request it now. This download explains what a Style Guide is and how to use it. It also outlines how to request one from your design professional, if one wasn’t provided to you. 

Download Style Guide

Reap the Reward of Research

Reap the Reward of Reasearch

If you aren’t certain about the pain points of your ideal clients, this download is for you. It walks you through the process to conduct a simple, short survey so you can learn the answers directly from your ideal clients. It then explains how to use the results to refine your messaging and offerings.

Download Reap Reward of Research

Newsletters and Websites

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This website is full of information for entrepreneurs. It includes links to answer questions about legal and online issues, as well as providing business ideas, marketing ideas and more.

Business Professionals

Click on the business names below to be taken directly to the business website.

Barb Hubbard: Vestigo Coaching 

Barb offers affordable coaching and accountability options for distracted and time-challenged entrepreneurs to support them in becoming focused and productive.  She enjoys working with women who are making the shift from the corporate world to start their own business as well as those who have (or suspect they may have) ADHD.

Donna Evans: Phenix Growth Partners 

Donna specializes in helping entrepreneurs solidify their niche, create an effective sales funnel and scale to grow.

Katie Collins: Coach Katie Collins

Katie Collins is a sales boosting, client generating Business Strategist who helps coaches and online experts get over their fear of sales and visibility so they can make the impact—and the income—they pictured when they first started their business.

Hollie Clere: The Social Media Advisor

Hollie is an expert on everything to do with social media. She has programs designed to meet your needs every step of the way on your entrepreneurial journey.

Rathna Ramakrishnan: Small Biz Unboxed

As a Grow with Google Partner, we know the ins and outs of helping your amazing business be found online! Imagine showing up on the top in Google search when someone is looking for your services! This is easily achievable with a concerted SEO plan for your website as well as your digital online presence. We can help you use data – free data that is readily accessible to help you unleash the true potential of your business. Don’t be complacent with just a website and posting on social media, this is the year to grow and scale, we can help you achieve that with a clear digital online marketing plan!

Shelley Iverson: Shelley’s Social Media, LLC

Shelley’s objective is to continue to conveniently enhance unique social media to stay relevant in tomorrow’s world. From community recognition to search engine optimization and reaching more customers online, she can provide a wealth of unique and metric-driven tools to accomplish your goals as a small and medium-sized business. She knows how to do it – and she loves it!

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