How to Avoid Being a Dead End Website

If you launched your new business website  by “DIY-ing” it to save money, you likely focused on: telling your story selling your products promoting your services If you stopped here, you created a dead end website—a closed loop—rather than a website that drives traffic back to itself. Does the thought of having links on your site that lead visitors away leave you feeling aghast, asking, “Why on earth would I do that?” If you answered, “yes,” you are not alone, but there are good reasons to use links. LINKS... promote your business build your credibility improve your ranking in search results add value for your visitors EXTERNAL LINKS lead visitors away from your site, therefore, remember to set them up to open in a new browser window so your website is ALWAYS visible. Link to: Your social media channels. Use posts to drive visitors back to your website. Complementary [...]