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I help entrepreneurs present their new business professionally—

without breaking the bank!

My 6 Elements Process provides everything you need to present your new business professionally. Your unique purpose, vision and energy will radiate to your ideal clients through your logo, business card, website and marketing.

To Bring It All Together, I “bundle” Elements developing several at the same time. This is time efficient and ensures a cohesive visual presence for your business.

I work with only a few clients at a time. I become part of your team! This allows me to provide you:

  1. Focused Attention
  2. Regular Communication: you will know the status of your project every step of the way
  3. Multiple Rounds: your project is complete when you are happy
  4. Automatic Review and Update: 6-12 months after launch we review the feedback you’ve received and make adjustments, if needed
  5. Website Training or Maintenance: you choose—update your new site on your own or have me handle your updates
  6. 24/7 Access: all files I create for your business are stored online in a private folder on Box that I provide
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Hi, my name is Robin.

If you are starting a new business, you have come to the right place! Double Vision Web Design & Graphic Design helps entrepreneurs present their new business professionally, right from the start.

I believe entrepreneurs starting out should have access to professional design services. This is the heart of my business. You have an expertise to share that helps others live their best life and you want to get the word out! Presenting your business professionally makes certain that everyone you encounter, whether in person or online, understands your purpose, sees your vision and feels your energy.

But there is so much to do! You want to focus your attention on your business, your expertise. I understand that and have developed my signature 6 Elements Process to meet your need for a professional presentation without breaking the bank!

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