I help women present their new business professionally—

without breaking the bank!

If you are starting a new business, you have come to the right place! Double Vision Website & Graphic Design helps entrepreneurs present their new business professionally, right from the start.

You have an expertise to share that helps others live their best life and you want to get the word out! Presenting your business professionally makes certain that everyone you encounter, whether in person or online, understands your business and how it can help them.

But there is so much to do! You want to focus your attention on your business, your clients. I understand that and have developed my Signature Process to meet your need for a professional presentation without breaking the bank!

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Hi, my name is Robin.

IT’S ABOUT CONFIDENCE, YOUR CONFIDENCE. My Signature Process creates a unique brand for your new business that allows you to exude confidence when you meet prospects and clients in person and through your website. I design your logo, business card and website simultaneously to convey your expertise consistently across platforms. Begin with these essentials. Then, increase your influence through marketing, speaking engagements and advertising as your business grows.

Your Business Brand will radiate you—your vision, purpose and energy—when people meet you in person or online.

My promise to you. Our collaboration will provide you:

A unique business brand designed specifically for your business. I put no limit on the number of design rounds. This is to ensure you are happy with the brand we create.

Confidence. Because your business brand reflects you, you will feel confident connecting with prospects and clients and having them visit your website.

An opportunity to fine tune messaging and visuals. Interact with your prospects and clients. Then, in 6-12 months we’ll check in to see if you’ve received feedback you’d like to incorporate.

Assistance and Training. Do you need help with domain registry and web hosting options? I can help with that. And if you want to update your new WordPress® website on your own, I provide training.

24/7 access to your files. I provide you with a private folder on Box that contains the visual assets I create for your business, including a style guide. The style guide provides the information you need to develop “on brand” marketing materials on your own.

Does this sounds good to you?

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