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I help you present your new business professionally—

without breaking the bank!

Are you concerned about:

If you are, it’s normal.

Hi! I’m designer Robin Lybeck. I’m delighted when entrepreneurs present their new business with confidence. They know who their ideal clients are. When they share about their business at networking events their passion comes through. The business card they give people who want to know more expresses visually what they speak so eloquently. They know their business website conveys their product or service well and will engage visitors. They love it when someone tells them they’ll visit to learn more.

Is your visual presentation giving you this kind of confidence?

If it isn’t, let’s change that. Working together we’ll build a brand for your new business using a process that doesn’t break the bank! You’ll receive: 

#1: a unique, professional brand custom built for your new business. The brand we build will radiate your business vision and unique value proposition to your clients. You will feel confident connecting with them in person and online. (Click here to review examples.)

  • To ensure this outcome, I put no limit on the number of design rounds.
  • Each package includes an opportunity to fine tune messaging and visuals. Interact with your prospects and clients for 6-12 months and then we’ll check in. If you’ve received feedback you’d like to incorporate, we’ll do it. If everything is on track, we invest the time in a new promotional opportunity for your business.

#2: assistance and training. If your package includes a website, I can assist with domain registry and web hosting options. I provide training to you (or someone on your team) so that you can keep your new WordPress® website up-to-date. And, under certain conditions, I offer maintenance packages to my clients and handle updates for you.

#3: a style guide. This guide provides the information you need to develop “on brand” marketing materials on your own, if you choose to.

#4: 24/7 access to your files. I provide you with a private folder on Box that contains the visual assets I create for your business.

#5: PEACE OF MIND. You will know your new business brand communicates your value to your clients.

If this sound good…

Let’s Work Together!


Schedule a consultation phone call with me and tell me about your entrepreneurial journey. I’d love to hear how you came to start your business and why you chose this particular business. Then, if we are a good fit, I will send you my “Build Your Business Brand” packet and we’ll start our journey working together. Click on the “Let’s Talk” link to get started.


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